Cheap Thrills no. 2 | Denver Boudoir Photography

I have a slight obsession for vintage lingerie and corsets. I get giddy when I see someone pull out a corset for their photo session. Corsets are great things to wear for boudoir because of so many reason… no.1 they make everyone look fabulous. For thinner ladies they create the hour glass shape and place your breast for ample cleavage. For curvy girls they shape your body perfectly so suddenly the area you want to hid becomes as asset and again… cleavage! The problem with corsets is they can be expensive, but for this edition of Cheap Thrills I have done some etsy bargain hunting for you! Oh etsy, how I love you.

What: Vintage White Lace Corset

Price: $29.00 + S&H

Love: What is NOT to love about this?! I love this lace and this piece has it in all the right places. The straps are removable, so if you need more support it’s there but if not you can take the straps off.

Where: UrbanDames etsy shop

What: Black Lace Corset

Price: $19.95 + S&H

Love: So this piece is from Victoria Secrets, but it just goes to show how some things just never go out of style. I love the scalloped edges on the cups, so pretty!

Where: DreFindsVintage etsy shop

What: Low cut Black Lace Corset

Price: $36.00 + S&H

Love: The unique design of this one. Anyone else getting a Madonna vibe from this one?

Where: inaiko etsy shop

What: Zip up White Corset

Price: $15.00 + S&H {STEAL!}

Love: No frills and lace here, just clean lines and simple beautiful design. Those vertical lines will make you look long and lean.

Where: Petalush etsy shop


Cheap Thrills edition no. 1: Boudoir Denver Photography

I love all the lovelies I get to meet by being a boudoir photographer. Seriously I love every single women I photograph because they are all so unique. Majority of the women I photograph have 1. Never done a boudoir photo shoot. 2. Are really nervous. 3. Don’t know what to wear! So I am here to help with #3. What to wear, boudoir edition!

Adore Me lingerieWhat:  Savannah from Adore Me


Price: $39.95 for the set

Love: I was instantly in love with the Adore Me website. It asks you questions to find lingerie that would be perfect for you. What I love about Ms. Savannah (the lingerie) is the color. Soft pink and black is so classic, never can go wrong. Feminine and sweet I love the details in both the bra and the panties.

How to prepare for your session | Denver Boudoir Photography

Hello Living Social Ladies!

First of all Thank you to those of you who purchased the Living Social deal! I can not wait to meet all of you ladies and please bare with me while I adjust to some “growing pains” (I am not use to this high of volume). Boudoir Denver is a one woman show and I should hopefully always return your emails and photo calls with in a 24 hour period.

Many of the phone calls I have received over the past few days have been full of excitement but also a lot of questions. Hopefully this post will answer many of those questions as you prepare for your session!

Where does the session take place?

UPDATE! BOUDOIR DENVER HAS MOVED! Although the living social deal has a different address on it, Boudoir Denver has a new studio in Westminster. I hate to confuse anyone but the move is honestly for the best and has lots of great photo opportunists. The new studio address is… 8120 Sheridan Blvd. #A311 Westminster, CO

How do I book my session & What are your hours?

You can book your session by phone or email. To be honest email is the best form of contact since I can check your email at any time. Hours are by appointment and are flexible with your schedule. Mostly evenings and weekends.

What do I wear or what should I bring?

Lingerie is the obvious choice, but it does not have to be! It is completely up to you and your comfort level depending on how little or how much skin you show. If you are a little more conservative even suggestive clothing showing off just your legs or cleavage is sexy too. Whatever makes you feel beautiful! I specialized in both boudoir and pin up photography. What’s the difference? Pinup is more playful innocence while Boudoir is more sensual. Pin Up became really popular in the 1940’s, so to really complete the pin up look I suggest using a hair and makeup artist that can transport you back to another era!

Bring props to your session to make it more personal. Props can be fashion accessories like pearl necklaces or jewelry, flowers, hair pieces or hand mirrors. Or incorporate your sweetheart or your own hobbies. Is your husband a pilot or do you both love travel? … Bring maps, vintage suit cases or globes. Does your boyfriend love music or play in a band? Buy some vinyl records to use during your session or even strike a pose with his guitar.

Either Boudoir or Pin Up check out my Pintrest boards for inspiration on what to wear for your shoot and also different poses.

Boudoir –

Pin Up –

How many clothes changes am I allowed?

You are welcome to change outfits during your session. I suggest 3-4 changes for good variety in your session. Too many changes will take away from your photo time and ruin the flow of your session.

Does my session include hair and make up?

The Living Social deal does not include hair and makeup. You can do your hair and makeup on your own or I highly recommend on of these lovely ladies, they will do a fantastic job and please let them know that I sent you!

Natosha of Natosha Cooke Makeup Artistry

Samantha of LadyCharm Artistry.

Megan Wise – She is AWESOME for pin up!

Can I buy other a digital copies of my photos or more prints?

Of course! If you would like to add to the Living Social deal you will have the opportunity to place an order for additional items when you see your photos in your online gallery. We offer a DVD with digital copies of your photos, photo albums, calendars and more. For a price list please email me.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

It takes about 1 week for me to get your photos edited and into your online gallery. Then 1 more week to have your prints delivered. So a 2 week turnaround is to be expected. For albums and calendars please allow an additional week.

Have more questions? Leave me a comment here on my blog, someone else might have the same questions or send me an email at

Operation Valentine | Denver Boudoir Photography


I am soooo excited to announce OPERATION VALENTINE! This is a project I found out about from another photographer and am excited to be involved with for Boudoir Denver. I love with photographers take their talents to hirer level and donate their skills to a good cause.

For 2012 Boudoir Denver will be changing a few things, like focusing more on the art of Pin Up photography. I have always had a love affair with pin ups and have often time been accused of being born in the wrong era. I am absolutely in love with the 40’s and 50’s and if I had a time machine I would transport myself into that time period in a heart beat!

Operation Valentine is your opportunity to give a special gift to your sweetheart this Valentines Day and to support a great cause. I have worked with the DAV Winter Sports Clinic personally during my day job working at the airport and it always touched my heart. It’s heartbreaking to see these soldiers, these heroes that have no only helped defend our country but have a very permanent scar because of it. The DAV Winter Sports Clinic sends these heroes up to Aspen for a week to have fun in the beautiful Rocky Mountains doing things many might think as “impossible” like blind soldiers skiing. They come from all over the US to fly into Aspen for this clinic. It truly warmed my heart to be a part of something so amazing and I am excited to be combining my love for photography for this cause.

For $50 you will be donating to the DAV Winter Sports Clinic, getting your hair and makeup done by the fabulous Samantha from Lady Charm Artistry and getting a mini session with moi! A mini session is one outfit that you come dressed in and then we take a few photos. These sessions are mini only because I want to try to get in as many sessions as possible so that more money can be raised for the DAV. Call this just a warm up to hopefully a bigger session you might do in the future. Then from the mini session you will also receive a digital copy of one of your favorite photos!

Now aren’t you excited?! Be sure to book soon to get your spot! This will be happening on FEBRUARY 3RD ONLY! *Possiblity of one more date to be announced based on demand* Email to pay your deposit and reserve your spot for OPERATION VALENTINE!

For more information on the Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic… click here.

Are you a tease? | Denver Boudoir Photography

Many people make goals or resolutions for the New Year, this is one of the reasons I love the new year. I love making new goals that will improve who I am as a person. One of the most common goals on everyone’s list is to loose weight or try something new and my suggestion for you ladies and even myself in 2012 is to take a class at Tease Studios.

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to attend Tease Studio’s 2nd Annual Christmas Ball.  It was one of those life changing experiences for me that gave me warm tingles inside. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Pole Dancing? Confidence and Beauty are probably not on the top of most lists, but after seeing some of the girls from Tease studios this was just what pole dancing now means to me.

Boudoir photography has some of the same stigma sometimes. That night I witnessed something magical. These women were so brave this more than mustering up the courage to take a class, it was performing in front of a room of people. As they performed their routines I saw beautiful dancers swirling around more like circtise sol performers. I was empowered by their bravery and their skills. Their bodies defied gravity! How amazing I thought to fly like that. Most amazing of all was it didn’t matter the body type, these women came in all sizes and are all beautiful. I am still memorized.

How often are we afraid and it stops us from doing something amazing? Before going to this event I would have said all the excuses… “I don’t have the right body for it… I can’t do stuff like that!” I hear the same excuses about boudoir photography, but really isn’t it just that we are afraid?! From now on I’m vowing to let fear be the LAST thing to stop me from any of life’s wonderful experiences! Hopefully some time later in the year I will be updating you all on how my experience at Tease Studios went.

I would also like to thank the fabulous ladies who stopped by my photo booth and entered to win a free session with an 8×10!  The winner is… DRUM ROLL … Gillian D.! Congratulations!

Visit Tease’s Website for more information on classes.

Be sure to Like Tease Studio on Facebook


Here are the photo’s from the photo booth I set up that night. Thanks ladies for stopping by and hopefully I will see you during a boudoir photo session!

Red Undies and a New Year | Denver Boudoir Photography

Hello Ladies!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas surrounded by those you love. I know I will be hitting the gym extra hard next week because of all the Christmas cookies I have in my house. I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth!

Can you believe it is already days away from 2012! This year has been quite the year; I have so much to be thankful for. This year was the first year I dedicated myself to 100% boudoir! I launched the Boudoir Denver web site, got over 100 fans on facebook, had the 1st annual pin up calendar photo shoot and have meet some amazing ladies that warm my heart. SO much to be thankful for and this is just the beginning! I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring.

New Year’s Eve is my FAVORITE holiday! I just love what it represents, a new beginning and a reflection on the past year. Oh yeah and the fireworks!!! I LOVE FIREWORKS! A few years ago a friend of mine was lucky enough to be in Italy for New Year’s Eve (something that is on my bucket list) and he told of his wild goose chase for red underwear. In Italy it is considered good luck to wear red underwear on New Years Eve. Not only do the Italians consider it to be good look but in Spain they also follow a similar tradition. Even the Chinese wear red underwear for New Years to ward of dangers. Here are some of my favorite red panties, with underwear this cute it’s hard to not make this a tradition of your own!


These red lacy lovelies are from Hanky Panky, they have an entire line of red lingerie which you can search by color. There are even four different reds to choose from… Angora Red, Cayenne Red, Riot Red and Classic Red. I just love their signature boy shorts ($29) that are both comfortable and sexy. I am also in love with their line of lace garter belts ($35) that can be paired with any of their thongs or bikini cut underwear.


For a retro look I really like these red and black polka dot highwaist underwear. Find these from Bonsai Kitten ($29).

ImageI love finding new stores on Etsy and I have fallen head over heads for Amourouse. This store sells custom made underwear sets and underwear. I love the retro feel of this adorable red floral bow set ($80), the top even converts into a halter top. Totally reminds me of Ms. Norma Jean.


Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in 2012!


Meet the Hair & Makeup Artist

When coming up with my vision for Boudoir Denver one of the things I wanted was to offer the complete package. Like a day at the spa I want my ladies to feel pampered when they schedule a boudoir session. This is why I made the decision to include hair and makeup with every session booked. Not only is the worry of “How do I do my hair and makeup” now solved but also when was the last time you had your hair and makeup done professionally? Prom? Your wedding day? I want part of the experience not just to be the photographs but also getting glamorous and doing something out of the norm for the every day.

Say Hello to Samantha!

Samantha from Lady Charm Artistry will be the hair and makeup artist for Boudoir Denver. I have been a fan of her fashion work for a long time. What I love about Samantha is that she doesn’t play it safe; she likes to get creative and try new things. Of course you may not always want to go bold and she does a beautiful job with soft and feminine hair and makeup too. I am excited to be working with Samantha not only for her talent but also for just being such an amazing person. I know you ladies will fall in love with her too. Plus for those brides to be out there thinking about who to use for a hair and makeup artist having Sam do your hair and makeup is the perfect trial run (I know you wont be disappointed). Be sure to check out Samantha’s website and also go like her on facebook, she frequently will post pictures of her latest work for great inspiration.

Photography by Blue Sparrow Photography

Samantha’s Website… Lady Charm Artistry

Like Lady Charm Artistry on Facebook!