Royal Wedding Boudoir Inspiration

I’ll admit it I had Royal Wedding fever. I grew up in love with Princess Diana and watched Disney Princess movies until I memorized them by heart, but I did have some restraint and did not wake up at 2am to watch the… I recorded it. This is not a blog comment about the wedding although Kate was breath taking and her dress was totally Grace Kelley inspired, I loved the lace and vintage flair to her whole look.


Now let’s pretend for a moment that Kate wanted to have a bridal boudoir session. Far fetched maybe… but maybe not. After all the reclining nude paintings of the Renaissance were some times commissioned by a King, Duke, etc to show off their new bride and to inspire fertility. Blue is obviously Kate’s color, but rather than the royal blue she wore with her engagement session I think she would look lovely in this powdered blue and creme speciality made just for the future Queen French lingerie by Liliana Casanova bustier and panties which is sold by Denver local lingerie store Pampered Passions. Besides Kate’s dress another element I loved about the Royal Wedding was those amazing fascinators and english hats! To bring English flair to Kate’s bridal boudoir session I would add a fascinator inspired headpiece from Twigs and Honey. This headpiece gives a nod to royalty of the past, totally Marie Antoinette inspired! Of course no boudoir session would be complete without the prefect royal setting, in Denver there there would be no better place than The Brown Palace. I just love the classic feel of this hotel, it’s like being transformed to the past. I’ve never had the pleasure of staying there myself but Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan have (They even have rooms that honor them). Boudoir is for everyone… commoners and royalty.


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