A Summer Picnic : Outdoor Boudoir


Summer time and the living is easy… I L.O.V.E. Summer! Let me count the ways… there’s the glorious sunshine. Warm summer nights. Juicy fresh fruit. The great outdoors. The list could go on and on. Summer is also the perfect time to embrace the great outdoors for some outdoor boudoir. :gasp: I know what you’re thinking… Outdoor? Doesn’t boudoir always involve a private room with a bed?! It doesn’t have to! Embrace the beautiful sunshine, natural light is always better anyway.


Here’s the elements you need for the perfect outdoor boudoir photo session. First, location. One of the reasons I love Colorado is there are so many of those beautiful open fields. Isn’t there something romantic about a grassy field? The best field is a little overgrown, the more tall weeds the better. (And the better for concealing since you might be in small amounts of clothing) Second, clothing. Like always you do not have to be nude to do boudoir, it’s all about your comfort level. Since you are a little more in the public eye I suggest wearing a babydoll or slip, something that comes just above the knee and covers your midsection. I just love Victoria Secret’s Pleated Babydoll it’s so soft, feminine and I love the bow. The empire waist with the fabric that flows away from the body would be perfect for any body type. Bring a robe with you, something to easily get “dressed” and “undressed” from. Third, props. Props are where you can get creative and personal… tell a story. I always think picnics are so romantic and you need something to lay on anyway. Pick a blanket that is soft and with a simple pattern, if the pattern is too bold it will be detracting in your photos. Then add a beautiful bowl of cherries… or strawberries or whatever your favorite summer fruit maybe. A few pictures of playfully eating them will be the cherry on top! (Pun intended)


Hopefully this inspires you to see the light and embrace the great outdoors even for boudoir!


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