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Operation Valentine | Denver Boudoir Photography


I am soooo excited to announce OPERATION VALENTINE! This is a project I found out about from another photographer and am excited to be involved with for Boudoir Denver. I love with photographers take their talents to hirer level and donate their skills to a good cause.

For 2012 Boudoir Denver will be changing a few things, like focusing more on the art of Pin Up photography. I have always had a love affair with pin ups and have often time been accused of being born in the wrong era. I am absolutely in love with the 40’s and 50’s and if I had a time machine I would transport myself into that time period in a heart beat!

Operation Valentine is your opportunity to give a special gift to your sweetheart this Valentines Day and to support a great cause. I have worked with the DAV Winter Sports Clinic personally during my day job working at the airport and it always touched my heart. It’s heartbreaking to see these soldiers, these heroes that have no only helped defend our country but have a very permanent scar because of it. The DAV Winter Sports Clinic sends these heroes up to Aspen for a week to have fun in the beautiful Rocky Mountains doing things many might think as “impossible” like blind soldiers skiing. They come from all over the US to fly into Aspen for this clinic. It truly warmed my heart to be a part of something so amazing and I am excited to be combining my love for photography for this cause.

For $50 you will be donating to the DAV Winter Sports Clinic, getting your hair and makeup done by the fabulous Samantha from Lady Charm Artistry and getting a mini session with moi! A mini session is one outfit that you come dressed in and then we take a few photos. These sessions are mini only because I want to try to get in as many sessions as possible so that more money can be raised for the DAV. Call this just a warm up to hopefully a bigger session you might do in the future. Then from the mini session you will also receive a digital copy of one of your favorite photos!

Now aren’t you excited?! Be sure to book soon to get your spot! This will be happening on FEBRUARY 3RD ONLY! *Possiblity of one more date to be announced based on demand* Email to pay your deposit and reserve your spot for OPERATION VALENTINE!

For more information on the Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic… click here.


Are you a tease? | Denver Boudoir Photography

Many people make goals or resolutions for the New Year, this is one of the reasons I love the new year. I love making new goals that will improve who I am as a person. One of the most common goals on everyone’s list is to loose weight or try something new and my suggestion for you ladies and even myself in 2012 is to take a class at Tease Studios.

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to attend Tease Studio’s 2nd Annual Christmas Ball.  It was one of those life changing experiences for me that gave me warm tingles inside. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Pole Dancing? Confidence and Beauty are probably not on the top of most lists, but after seeing some of the girls from Tease studios this was just what pole dancing now means to me.

Boudoir photography has some of the same stigma sometimes. That night I witnessed something magical. These women were so brave this more than mustering up the courage to take a class, it was performing in front of a room of people. As they performed their routines I saw beautiful dancers swirling around more like circtise sol performers. I was empowered by their bravery and their skills. Their bodies defied gravity! How amazing I thought to fly like that. Most amazing of all was it didn’t matter the body type, these women came in all sizes and are all beautiful. I am still memorized.

How often are we afraid and it stops us from doing something amazing? Before going to this event I would have said all the excuses… “I don’t have the right body for it… I can’t do stuff like that!” I hear the same excuses about boudoir photography, but really isn’t it just that we are afraid?! From now on I’m vowing to let fear be the LAST thing to stop me from any of life’s wonderful experiences! Hopefully some time later in the year I will be updating you all on how my experience at Tease Studios went.

I would also like to thank the fabulous ladies who stopped by my photo booth and entered to win a free session with an 8×10!  The winner is… DRUM ROLL … Gillian D.! Congratulations!

Visit Tease’s Website for more information on classes.

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Here are the photo’s from the photo booth I set up that night. Thanks ladies for stopping by and hopefully I will see you during a boudoir photo session!