Cheap Thrills edition no. 1: Boudoir Denver Photography

I love all the lovelies I get to meet by being a boudoir photographer. Seriously I love every single women I photograph because they are all so unique. Majority of the women I photograph have 1. Never done a boudoir photo shoot. 2. Are really nervous. 3. Don’t know what to wear! So I am here to help with #3. What to wear, boudoir edition!

Adore Me lingerieWhat:  Savannah from Adore Me


Price: $39.95 for the set

Love: I was instantly in love with the Adore Me website. It asks you questions to find lingerie that would be perfect for you. What I love about Ms. Savannah (the lingerie) is the color. Soft pink and black is so classic, never can go wrong. Feminine and sweet I love the details in both the bra and the panties.


A Week With Marilyn & Boudoir Style Icon

Tomorrow is the opening of the new movie A Week With Marilyn staring Michelle Williams as the infamous Marilyn Monroe. The film is based on Colin Clark’s book by the same name and is his observations of Marilyn during production of The Prince and the Showgirl. Like so many people I have obsessed over Marilyn Monroe’s image since I was a little girl and still find her breath taking. But it wasn’t until college that I ever actually saw a film of her’s and I find that many people who love Marilyn had never seen a movie she actually starred in. In a way it’s like loving the artist Pacassio without ever seeing one of his paintings. Please do your self a favor, if you have netflix or even a library card go watch one of her films! Watch a few of them from her career because she was a wonderful actress. My favorite is Some Like it Hot, Marilyn plays her typical “dumb blonde” role but there’s something about it that I just love. I can’t wait to see how Michelle Williams does with this role.

With the opening of this movie I was also inspired to do a series on the blog featuring some of these fabulously classy ladies. About once a week I will feature a new icon and show you how to inspire your boudoir session from them. Have any icons that inspire you or you would like to see featured? Leave me a comment and tell me why you think they are an icon.


1. Sequin Shoulder Dress. Remember Boudoir photo sessions don’t always mean lingerie, it’s all about the sex appeal. Marilyn was the queen of plunging necklines! Embrace your inner Marilyn with deep V necklines or halter style dresses.

-Also check out MorningStar84 etsy shop she makes replicas of many different styles Marilyn is most famous for. LOVE!

2. Crystal’s are a girls best friend. Whither it be diamonds or crystals, make sure you sparkle just like Marilyn. I adore this set from Swarovski Crystal’s, they may not be real diamonds but they sure do sparkle.

3. Covergirl Lipstain. For juicy red lips like Marilyn I love Covergirl Lipstain. One of my ladies used it during a recent boudoir session and it stayed perfectly on her lips the whole session! For Marilyn I suggest Wild Berry Wink.

4. Tu-tu Fabulous. I’m sure you have all seen the image I’m talking about with Marilyn Monroe in a tutu, lately everyone seems pretty obsessed with these beauties from Denver local designer House of Arden.  I’ve seen these tutu’s in 303, Couture Colorado and Crave Denver.


A Summer Picnic : Outdoor Boudoir


Summer time and the living is easy… I L.O.V.E. Summer! Let me count the ways… there’s the glorious sunshine. Warm summer nights. Juicy fresh fruit. The great outdoors. The list could go on and on. Summer is also the perfect time to embrace the great outdoors for some outdoor boudoir. :gasp: I know what you’re thinking… Outdoor? Doesn’t boudoir always involve a private room with a bed?! It doesn’t have to! Embrace the beautiful sunshine, natural light is always better anyway.


Here’s the elements you need for the perfect outdoor boudoir photo session. First, location. One of the reasons I love Colorado is there are so many of those beautiful open fields. Isn’t there something romantic about a grassy field? The best field is a little overgrown, the more tall weeds the better. (And the better for concealing since you might be in small amounts of clothing) Second, clothing. Like always you do not have to be nude to do boudoir, it’s all about your comfort level. Since you are a little more in the public eye I suggest wearing a babydoll or slip, something that comes just above the knee and covers your midsection. I just love Victoria Secret’s Pleated Babydoll it’s so soft, feminine and I love the bow. The empire waist with the fabric that flows away from the body would be perfect for any body type. Bring a robe with you, something to easily get “dressed” and “undressed” from. Third, props. Props are where you can get creative and personal… tell a story. I always think picnics are so romantic and you need something to lay on anyway. Pick a blanket that is soft and with a simple pattern, if the pattern is too bold it will be detracting in your photos. Then add a beautiful bowl of cherries… or strawberries or whatever your favorite summer fruit maybe. A few pictures of playfully eating them will be the cherry on top! (Pun intended)


Hopefully this inspires you to see the light and embrace the great outdoors even for boudoir!

Royal Wedding Boudoir Inspiration

I’ll admit it I had Royal Wedding fever. I grew up in love with Princess Diana and watched Disney Princess movies until I memorized them by heart, but I did have some restraint and did not wake up at 2am to watch the… I recorded it. This is not a blog comment about the wedding although Kate was breath taking and her dress was totally Grace Kelley inspired, I loved the lace and vintage flair to her whole look.


Now let’s pretend for a moment that Kate wanted to have a bridal boudoir session. Far fetched maybe… but maybe not. After all the reclining nude paintings of the Renaissance were some times commissioned by a King, Duke, etc to show off their new bride and to inspire fertility. Blue is obviously Kate’s color, but rather than the royal blue she wore with her engagement session I think she would look lovely in this powdered blue and creme speciality made just for the future Queen French lingerie by Liliana Casanova bustier and panties which is sold by Denver local lingerie store Pampered Passions. Besides Kate’s dress another element I loved about the Royal Wedding was those amazing fascinators and english hats! To bring English flair to Kate’s bridal boudoir session I would add a fascinator inspired headpiece from Twigs and Honey. This headpiece gives a nod to royalty of the past, totally Marie Antoinette inspired! Of course no boudoir session would be complete without the prefect royal setting, in Denver there there would be no better place than The Brown Palace. I just love the classic feel of this hotel, it’s like being transformed to the past. I’ve never had the pleasure of staying there myself but Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan have (They even have rooms that honor them). Boudoir is for everyone… commoners and royalty.