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Many people make goals or resolutions for the New Year, this is one of the reasons I love the new year. I love making new goals that will improve who I am as a person. One of the most common goals on everyone’s list is to loose weight or try something new and my suggestion for you ladies and even myself in 2012 is to take a class at Tease Studios.

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to attend Tease Studio’s 2nd Annual Christmas Ball.  It was one of those life changing experiences for me that gave me warm tingles inside. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Pole Dancing? Confidence and Beauty are probably not on the top of most lists, but after seeing some of the girls from Tease studios this was just what pole dancing now means to me.

Boudoir photography has some of the same stigma sometimes. That night I witnessed something magical. These women were so brave this more than mustering up the courage to take a class, it was performing in front of a room of people. As they performed their routines I saw beautiful dancers swirling around more like circtise sol performers. I was empowered by their bravery and their skills. Their bodies defied gravity! How amazing I thought to fly like that. Most amazing of all was it didn’t matter the body type, these women came in all sizes and are all beautiful. I am still memorized.

How often are we afraid and it stops us from doing something amazing? Before going to this event I would have said all the excuses… “I don’t have the right body for it… I can’t do stuff like that!” I hear the same excuses about boudoir photography, but really isn’t it just that we are afraid?! From now on I’m vowing to let fear be the LAST thing to stop me from any of life’s wonderful experiences! Hopefully some time later in the year I will be updating you all on how my experience at Tease Studios went.

I would also like to thank the fabulous ladies who stopped by my photo booth and entered to win a free session with an 8×10!  The winner is… DRUM ROLL … Gillian D.! Congratulations!

Visit Tease’s Website for more information on classes.

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Here are the photo’s from the photo booth I set up that night. Thanks ladies for stopping by and hopefully I will see you during a boudoir photo session!


Meet the Hair & Makeup Artist

When coming up with my vision for Boudoir Denver one of the things I wanted was to offer the complete package. Like a day at the spa I want my ladies to feel pampered when they schedule a boudoir session. This is why I made the decision to include hair and makeup with every session booked. Not only is the worry of “How do I do my hair and makeup” now solved but also when was the last time you had your hair and makeup done professionally? Prom? Your wedding day? I want part of the experience not just to be the photographs but also getting glamorous and doing something out of the norm for the every day.

Say Hello to Samantha!

Samantha from Lady Charm Artistry will be the hair and makeup artist for Boudoir Denver. I have been a fan of her fashion work for a long time. What I love about Samantha is that she doesn’t play it safe; she likes to get creative and try new things. Of course you may not always want to go bold and she does a beautiful job with soft and feminine hair and makeup too. I am excited to be working with Samantha not only for her talent but also for just being such an amazing person. I know you ladies will fall in love with her too. Plus for those brides to be out there thinking about who to use for a hair and makeup artist having Sam do your hair and makeup is the perfect trial run (I know you wont be disappointed). Be sure to check out Samantha’s website and also go like her on facebook, she frequently will post pictures of her latest work for great inspiration.

Photography by Blue Sparrow Photography

Samantha’s Website… Lady Charm Artistry

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Dingaling Vintage : Denver, Co {Local Lovlies}

I’ve decided to resurrect this feature that I started on my old blog and start to feature more amazing local places around Denver because I have fallen in love with Denver all over again and you should too! Shopping local not only gives back to the economy more directly when you buy from local businesses but it also is helping support these amazing women who are pursuing their dreams. (and who doesn’t want to support that!) Even though I always wanted to be a photographer, I never thought I would want my own business. That is why the ladies I plan on featuring here are so much more then just entrepreneurs they are superheros that I look up to for all the hard work. This doesn’t directly have to do with boudoir photography per say, but it does have to do with amazing empowering women.

Boudoir Denver, clothes by Dingaling Vintage

As amazing as shopping local is, so is shopping vintage. Dingaling Vintage is owned by Ashley of Denver, right now the shop is online through etsy but this Saturday she will be opening up shop at an actual shop! What I love about Dingaling Vintage is that there is more than just clothes available, but also trinkets, hats and even to die for suitcase coffee tables. There are items from all different eras, so there is something for everyone.

I also love following Dingling Vintage on facebook because not only does Ashley post her latest clothes in her own shop but she also posts other vintage finds from other vintage shops. It is always great to see what people support each other. She is a great resource for all things vintage.

Boudoir Denver, clothes by Dingaling Vintage

This Saturday swing by Studio Sweet Marie’s to not only buy vintage but also support Scum of the Earth Church, part of the proceeds from sales will be donated.

When: Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 From 11am to 3pm

Where: Studio Sweet Marie  3563 Larimer Street suite A, Denver, CO 80205

Visit Dingaling Vintage Etsy Shop.

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*The photo’s above were taken by moi with some of the fabulous clothes in the Dingaling Vintage shop, they are no longer available but keep your eyes open for amazing finds like these!


Local Lovlies : Theda Bara Vintage Denver, CO

I would like to highlight Theda Bara Vintage, a vintage lingerie shop local in Denver, CO. I just love finding new things on etsy and other blogs, but I especially love find local finds! I just adore the vintage trend and nothing is classier than pure 1960’s lingerie. What is even more fantastic is that there are so many different styles and prices on the lingerie they offer. Here are just a few examples of the constantly changing goods offered at their online store…






This 1930’s gown makes my heart skip a beat! Just look at those lovely lace details and the back is a beautiful V line cut. Click here to fall in love


These little shorts are just so unique I had to show them off! I love all the ruffles and the lace, what fun. These would be adorable with just a normal bra. Click here to start the rumba…



Pretty in Pink! This 60’s pink chiffon gown is something straight out of Mad Men. So innocent and sweet, but still sexy. Click here for some sweetness


Tangerine?!? This little number could not be hotter, the color, the lace and a sexy cinched waist. Click here if you like it hot


Who said you had to be nude to be sexy in a boudoir photo shoot?! With this vintage lingerie it is perfect for being fabulously sexy with out being trampy. Perfect for the good girl next door, or someone who loves vintage as much as me! Hopefully some day I can team up with Theda Bara Vintage and do one amazing photo shoot!


Be sure to check out Theda Bara Vintage…

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Their Etsy Store