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Grandmother’s Corset



Back from a fabulous week in NYC. Finally saw my favorite painting, probably the painting that inspired me to be an artist A Starry Night in person. Now to get back to blogging, I have two new boudoir photo shoots to show you! Thank you ladies for allowing me to post your photos. I respect my clients privacy first and foremost and never post any pictures online without permission.


I was really excited (I don’t know if that’s the right word) to photograph this lovely lady because she is actually a best friend of mine that I’ve known since before we were women. We met in middle school and although we’ve grown apart since the days we spent practically every moment together it was such an honor to photograph a friend. It is crazy to think that we started to become woman together, going shopping and doing each others hair, then starting high school together. When I say doing each others hair I more so mean her doing mine, which is funny now that she is a hairstylist and actually did her own hair and makeup for the photo session.


Besides being a dear friend of mine I loved the vintage lingerie she used because it’s not just any ordinary lingerie but actually a corset her grandmother made for her honeymoon. How adorable is that?! I love the red and white checkered pattern on it that unique from the typical lace or satin fabrics used. After seeing it I could tell where my friend gets her individual creative personality from. It just goes to show that class never goes out of style.








It was such an honor photographing my friend, I can honestly say she has grown into a beautiful woman both inside and out.



Elle Bea

or LBo which was the nickname she gave me in middle school.