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Actress Brooklyn Decker in Esquire

Of course women in Hollywood are insanely gorgeous to the point to where it is almost unfair, but recently I noticed in Esquire magazine a photo shoot of Brooklyn Decker that is completely boudoir inspired! I often look at Men’s magazines like Esquire to find inspiring photo shoots because nothing shows the way into a males heart better than the very magazines he reads. What I couldn’t believe how dead on this particular photo shoot mimics boudoir style, which us every day women do not have to be in Hollywood to obtain… everyone can be photographed in this same style! I love the way that Brooklyn Decker playful plays with the sheets, so that she’s not reveling all of her body but rather playfully teasing. This is a great tip with boudoir photography, you do not have to be completely nude to be sexy! (Also if your a little concerned with being a little more curvy that you might like it’s a great way to keep those areas a little more concealed.) Boudoir is so hot even Hollywood is catching on to the trend!